How easy is SNAPP® Screen to install ?  Cut ONE extrusion to size Install the ONE extrusion Install screen material YOU ARE DONE !! Why is SNAPP® better than our competitors ?  NO cold temperature restrictions NO caps or covers to additionally cut NO caps or covers to hammer in place NO corners to install NO expanders or adapters to install NO secondary components to install Why is SNAPP® better than our competitors ?  NO cold temperature restrictions NO corners to remove NO caps or covers to pry off NO caps or covers to hammer back NO caps or covers to break or replace SNAPP® Screen is extremely simple to use. Professional results can be easily obtained by both the trade professional and home do it yourself’er. Simple - Efficient - Cost Effective Screening Solution for your Screen Porch • Screen Patio • Screen Deck DO IT YOURSELF SCREEN PORCH SCREEN SYSTEM

SNAPP® Screen is a great choice for all do it yourself screen porch, screen patio and screen deck applications … as well as an unlimited array of other specialized installations.

The patented SNAPP® Screen extrusion can be mounted to any base material and easily attaches directly to your structure or any prefabricated frame.

Don’t waste your money and time using our competitor’s multiple component screening systems. Try SNAPP® Screen today and see why it has become our #1 screening line

SNAPP® Screen is available in extruded aluminum and flexible extruded PVC.

SNAPP® Screen is designed specifically to be adaptable to a wide spectrum of screening situations and will work with almost any shape opening - including squares, triangles, and even arches. The extrusion can be butted together infinity for larger installations.

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Do It Yourself Screen Porch Screen System